i am a professor of philosophy at rutgers university. i’m affiliated with linguistics and a member of the center for cognitive science. every now and then i visit the good folks at ices.

i work on stuff about how rational(ish) but imperfectly informed agents like us communicate about and operate in an unpredictable world like ours full of other agents. i like proving things (if it’s not too hard) so i tend to be interested in formal models of said stuff. i also have a hobby interest in various parts of the decision sciences, mostly so i can understand what mary is up to.

i’ve been at rutgers since 2009. in 2014 i was the white distinguished professor in the philosophy of language at the university of chicago. i used to teach at the university of michigan and before that at harvard university and before that at the university of texas at austin. before that i was a graduate student at the university of arizona.

other tidbits: i run, have an espresso and pizza problem, and my erdös number ≤ 5.